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The GEI is an institutional member of the International Association for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology (IAPSP). This association traces its origins to the 1970's, to the small, informal group meetings held in Chicago and led by Heinz Kohut, the originator of what later came to be called self psychology. From these early beginnings, professionals interested in the study and development of Kohut's theory and practice increased in number, leading to our incorporation, in 1981. Then, in 2004, IAPSP was reorganized as a membership-based organization.

IAPSP embraces two primary, intertwined purposes. First, it retains its foundational purpose: the study, research, development, and practice of psychoanalytic self psychology. Second, in responding to challenges levied against traditional notions of the concept of self as embodied in Kohut's original work, it expands the reach of our foundational purpose. Currently, IAPSP encompasses as well contemporary notions of a dynamic systems sensibility, findings from infant and neurobiological research, and existential and epistemological philosophy.

IAPSP thus becomes an organized forum in which many current divergent theories about the human mind and its development, illness, and cure may be compared and contrasted in order to better understand and treat our patients. To learn more about IAPSP and the benefits of becoming a member, visit the IAPSP website.

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