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1- I forgot my username! What should I do?

Your site username is your real name, to the FirstName LastName format. The username is neither case sensitive nor accented characters sensitive. Altenately, it is possible to use your email address as your username.

2- I forgot my password! What should I do?

How to create a new password:

  • Click on -> Create a new password (or on the link under the User login box in the right margin of the site).
  • First, identify yourself with either your username, which is your name (FirstName LastName), or your email addresss. Then click on E-mail new password.
  • The site will send you an automated email with the following object: GEI - Création d'un nouveau mot de passe . This email will contain a temporary link allowing your connexion to the site in order to choose a new password. Click on this link, or copy-paste it in the address bar of your browser if the page doesn't automatically open.
  • This will bring you to the Reset password page. There, click on Log in.
  • This will bring you to your user account configuration page, in which you will type your new password in the Password text field, and retype it again in the Confirm Password text field. Then click on Save at the bottom of the page.
  • There! Your new password is now activited and will enable your next connections.
  • You are invited to keep note of your password in a safe place.

3 - I can't complete my online registration!

Online registration (or membership application) and payment:

To get information on how to register for a GEI activity (or apply for membership), please refer to the detailed instructions on the page of this specific activity (or to the membership application page).

After clicking on the Add to cart button, further detailed instructions will follow during the registration process to guide you on your online registration and payment.

If you encounter any difficulty with this process please contact info@intersubjectivite.com. If possible, please note any relevant information relative to the problem that occured, ex: at which step, on which page did the difficulty appear, what was the result or what error message did you get, etc.

4 - How can I get a receipt for my registration or membership application?

Your receipt is the GEI - Confirmation de votre paiement email. If you don't have this email anymore, please follow these steps:

  • First log into your site user account (by entering your username and password in the login box).
  • Once logged in, click on the My transactions link in your User menu (in the right margin).
  • On this page is the history of the transactions for your registrations, membership applications and texts purchases. Identify the transaction for which you wish to print a receipt and click on the corresponding print icon (representation of a printer). If needed, first click on the viewing icon (representation of a document under a magnifying glass) to view this transaction's details.
  • On the receipt page, click on the Print invoice button, in the upper right corner.

Should you encounter any difficulty, please email info@intersubjectivite.com for assistance.

5 - My CEU certificate is missing!

In the week following a CEU admissible GEI activity, participants will receive a certificate by email, attesting to their hours of presence at this activity.

  • Vendredis intersubjectifs (VI) and Séminaires de psychologie du soi intersubjective (PSI): These activities being certified as a series, ex: the three VI of the same year, the certificate is cumulative, and is sent after the last activity of the series. It will include the total hours of participation to this series of activity, ex: 5 hours for the participation to two out of three VI (2 x 2½ hours).
  • Souper-causerie and Atelier clinique: The nature of these two activities unfortunately doesn't allow for continuing education accreditation by the Ordre des psychologues du Québec.
How can I obtain a missing certificate? If you are missing a certificate, please email info@intersubjectivite.com and mention the date or title of the activity.

6 - How can I cancel my registration to an activity?

The procedure for cancelling the registration for a specific activity is indicated on the page of this activity under the heading Cancellation Policy (among accordion FAQs such as these). For all GEI activities: A 25$ administration fee will be withheld for refunds requested in writing up to two weeks before the annual conference, or one week before any other event (e.g. up to Friday one week before the next Friday seminar). Please address your request to info@intersubjectivite.com. No refunds will be issued after this date. N.B. when cancelling your participation to an activity, the registration fees for this activity cannot be transfered and applied to the registration to another activity, or to the registration of another participant. You can also refer to the Tableau des modalités d'inscription aux activités du GEI.

7 - General modalities for GEI activities registrations

To get more information on the general modalities of each GEI activity registration such as member and non-member fees, early bird fees and calendars, refund policy, etc., please click on the following link: General modalities for GEI activities registrations

8 - Am I a GEI member?

You are a GEI member only if you have applied for or renewed your membership of the current year. This membership will automatically add a member statut to your site user account. You can therefore confirm your membership by verifying your user account status. To do so:
  • Log into your account.
  • Click on Edit my account in the right margin's in the User menu in order to view your account information including your member status.
It is also possible to click on the Transactions tab to view your activity registrations and membership applications history (since June 2012) in which your current year membership application would be listed. If I have a GEI's site user account, am I therefore a GEI member? No, you can have a user account because you have previously register to a GEI activity and still not have applied for membership. You also may have already applied for a membership that is now expired, and not have renewed the current year's membership yet.

9 - Do I have a GEI site user account?

You have a GEI site user account if you have registered for a GEI activity or applied for GEI membership (since 2012). All registrations and membership applications require a user account and being logged to your account during the registration process. Your site user account allows your identification on the site and to register to GEI activities at a fee automatically adjusted to your member or non-member status (or student status for the Annual conference). Your user account also allows you toprint your receipts (see the topic above about printing your receipts) and view the history of your registrations and membership applications.

10 - How can I register in the members directory?

The members directory: The directory is a professional reference tool between members. This is not a list of all GEI members, but only those who wish to be included and registered. -> Click here to access the Members directory page (members only). -> Click here to access the Membership directory registration form. N.B. To access the Directory, or its registration form, it is necessary 1) to be connected to the site, and 2) that your membership status be active.

11 - What is the object of the various emails I receive from the GEI?

The Confirmation of membership - Member 20 ** email is sent to you immediately after the online payment of your membership or after the cheque you mailed to the GEI has been received and processed. This email informs you that your next registration for an activity during this new membership year will be at the member rate. The Confirmation of registration (or membership application) email is sent to you immediately after your registration or membership application is done online. The Confirmation of the creation of a user site account email is sent to you immediately after the creation of your user account, that is after having clicked on the link Create a new account located under the Sign in box in the right margin of the site, and having completed the account creation form, or after having registered online for the first time to a GEI activity or membership during which you have been asked to create your user account. The Confirmation of payment email is sent to you immediately after the online payment of your registration (or membership) or after the cheque you mailed to the GEI has been received and processed. The Creation of a new password email is sent to you immediately after asking for a new password (ex: if you have forgotten it) by clicking on the link Create a new password located under the Sign in box in the right margin of the site. This email contains a temporary login link that gives you access to your account, allowing you to create a new password. The File download links following your registration included in transaction #**** email is sent to you after you register for an activity that has an accompanying text as soon as you make your payment online or after the cheque you mailed to the GEI has been received and processed. These links allow you to download the file(s) of the accompanying text. The Password forgotten? email is sent to you after a series of unsuccessful attempts to log in to your user account. This email contains a temporary login link that gives you access to your account, allowing you to create a new password. The Pending payment reminder email is sent to you 30 days after an online registration or membership application that you chose to pay by cheque when it has still not been received and processed, to remind you to mail your payment to complete your registration (or membership application). In addtion to these automated emails, you can also receive the following emails:
  • Emails sent after an activity:
    • Continuing education units (CEU) certifications of participation (if applicable), and
    • Invitations to complete the activity evaluation form on the SurveyMonkey website.
  • The GEI Newsletter:
    • The bimestrial letter, and
    • Announcements and reminders of the activities on the calendar.
  • Payment confirmation emails sent by PayPal after a registration or membership application payment has been made online.

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