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2021 Membership application

Membership requirements

To become a member of the GEI, you must be authorized to practice psychotherapy (clinical psychologist or holder of a psychotherapist's permit issued by the Ordre des psychologues du Québec), and be interested in integrating an intersubjective perspective in your psychotherapy practice.

Are also admissible, graduate students in a full time university program leading to the practice of psychotherapy, or applicants in the process of completing the requirements to obtain a psychotherapy permit.

The annual membership fee is $30. The membership year corresponds to the civil year and your membership therefore extends your member privileges from January 1st to December 31st, regardless of the date of application or renewal.

Please note: In order to register at member's fee to an activity held in 2021, it is necessary to have a completed or renewed 2021 membership.

Privileges for members of the GEI
  • Lower fees for all the activities of the membership year calendar.
  • Being listed in our members' roster (optional), available to members only and which can be used as a professional referral list.
  • The right to vote at our Annual General Meeting, and hence the possibility of influencing the group's development (a lunch box is also offered to members attending the AGM which is usually held on a Saturday in the early afternoon after an activity held in the morning).
  • Access to the Members' section of our web-site, which includes our forums and many of the published papers by our guest speakers used in preparatory discussions for our Annual Conferences, etc.
  • Finally, the pride and support that comes from being affiliated to a professional peer group.

Membership application

Professional status form
Before proceeding to the online payment of your membership (new or renewal), please complete or update your professional status form in order to validate your present membership admissibility.

-> Click here to go to the Professional status form.
N.B. To access the Professional status form, it is necessary to be logged to your site user account, or to create an account if you don't have one yet.

Optional registration to the members roster
After completing or renewing your membership application, you can also fill, or update if relevant, your registration to the members roster (member access only).

-> Click here to go to the Members roster registration form.
N.B. To access the Members roster registration form, it is necessary to have an active member status (i.e. to have received your payment confirmation if this is a first membership or the renewal of an already expired membership).

To apply for (or renew your) membership and then register at member fee to an activity

Please first complete online your GEI membership application. Following your membership application, you will immediately receive an automated email confirming your application (Confirmation d'inscription (ou d'adhésion)).

As soon as your payment is completed, you will receive a second automated email confirming the payment of your application (Confirmation de votre paiement). From then, the member status of your GEI site user account will give you access to member's reduced fees on your next registrations to activities of that membership year.

  • If you choose to pay by credit card online (on PayPal), you will receive the payment confirmation email in the minute following your online payment.
  • If you choose to pay by mail, allow an additional week to receive the payment confirmation email.

N.B. In order to access your member's reduced fee you need to be logged to your site account.

You apply for a GEI student membership?

  • If you don't have a user account, please first create your account by clicking on the following link Create a new account or on the link located in the site's right margin. The following account creation page will allow checking a student status option. This student status account will enable registrations at student fee when logged in.

  • If you already have a user account but without a student status, please email the user accounts administrator to request a student status. Your account will be updated (in approximately 24h), and your student account will then enable registrations at student fee when logged in.

Your membership application requires logging into your user account

During the online application process you will be required to:

  • to log into your site user account if not already logged,
  • or to create a user account if you don't have one yet.

This user account will automatically adjust your registration fee to your participant status: member, non-member, or student (for the Annual conference only). Your user account also allows you to print your receipts and view the history of your transactions (from My transactions) or the history of your registrations, membership applications and texts purchases (from My registrations), which links are in the User menu, which appears in the right margin once logged in.

Payment modalities

Click on Add to cart below (after indicating if you have completed your professional status form), and on the next page choose your payment method:

  • By credit card on ayPal's secure web site (it is NOT necessary to have a PayPal account)
  • Or by cheque mailed to the GEI.

Membership application payment receipt

Your receipt is the GEI - Confirmation de votre paiement email (don't use the GEI - Registration notification email, which is not printer-friendly). If you don't have this email anymore, please follow these steps:

  • First log into your site user account (by entering your username and password in the login box).
  • Once logged in, click on the My transactions link in your User menu (in the right margin).
  • On this page is the history of the transactions for your registrations, membership applications and texts purchases. Identify the transaction for which you wish to print a receipt and click on the corresponding print icon (representation of a printer). If needed, first click on the viewing icon (representation of a document under a magnifying glass) to view this transaction's details.
  • On the receipt page, click on the Print invoice button, in the upper right corner.

Should you encounter any difficulty, please email the online registrations administrator for assistance.

To apply for (or renew your) membership and register at member fee to an activity, you must, in a first transaction, complete your membership application and wait to receive the automated email confirming the payment of your application (« Confirmation de paiement »), which is immediate when paying online through PayPal. Only then, in a second transaction, will your user account member status allow your registration at member fee. For more information, please read the FAQ above.

Price: 30,00$

If you are presently connected to the site and the amount displayed above is 0,00$, you have already completed or renewed your 2021 membership! Conversely, if the amount of 30$ appears above, it indicates that you haven't yet completed or renewed your 2021 membership application.